Fotini Mitropoulou is a contemporary and self-taught artist. As a child, she found pleasure in visioning and giving shape to her creations. She was born in Piraeus and her life conditions led her to Santorini, the volcanic island of creation, where she engaged in tourism and discovered her inclination and great love, (which is) the glass. There she lives and she shares her work and her dream with everyone.
She has been involved in the art of glass making since 2001. She is so passionate about it that she started looking for ways to tame the cold, colorless object, giving it shape and breathe. Following a series of seminars and trainings, she first experimented with glass in a small space, which she later turned into a workshop. Later, she decided to continue her studies abroad. During her studies at the Scuola Del Vetro Abate Zanetti-Murano in Venice, Italy, she learned how to combine modern techniques with traditional ones.
Fotini describes the creation of glass as a ritual, which she calls "the art of the unpredictable", as each time, even when she follows all the rules step by step, the fire finally manages to give its own result. Friends and foes alike, fire and glass are revolutionary materials as the artist has to face, among other things, the time limits, so her patience, dedication and love are always present.
Fotini owns two art galleries in Santorini: "The Artist Of Glass" and "The Yard Art Glass Creations". There, she exhibits all her glass creations to which she gives life in her workshop. Inspired by the ethereal aura of Santorini, the people she meets, her values ​​and positive emotions, such as optimism and hope. These concepts are reflected in her work through the colors she imagines depicting them, adding (in this way) a positive message in her creations, her children, as she calls them.
Fotini. shapes and perfects her creations by illuminating them with love, just as her name, with which she signs her works, symbolizes. She has participated in several exhibitions in Greece and Europe (Cyprus, Italy) and in 2020 she participated in the international exhibition Art Basel, in Miami, USA. Many of the people who have met her have connected with her, creating a network of relationships between Santorini, Greece and the rest of the world.
I am moved by the fact that the moments can be captured, take shape, color and form and remain intact, unchanged over time. The uniqueness of our shared experience is forever imprinted on the glass, preserving the memories of everything we have lived!